Project Goal: Ideate and build a useful web application making use of any Google Product in 24 hours.

Methods: Mindmapping, Wireframing, and Rapid Iteration Prototyping

Role: Generative User Researcher and Product Presenter

Highlight: Wrote and delivered presentation to judges and audience

Outcome: First Place among over 200 participants. 


Pictured above from left to right: James Vinh (Presenter), Trung Nguyen (Engineer), and Dakuo Wang (Engineer). 

Pictured above from left to right: James Vinh (Presenter), Trung Nguyen (Engineer), and Dakuo Wang (Engineer). 

"What happens when you place 200 competitors in an office building and give them 24 hours to create something cool?"

The Challenge: 

In 24 hours, create an original and useful app that utilizes any existing Google product.

The Approach: 

With no guidelines, the team brainstormed by discussing products we use on a regular basis. Every team member mentioned Google Docs for written collaboration, particularly in academic contexts.

The Discovery:

We identified an opportunity for improvement: (at the time) the revision history feature could only display the authors of content one revision at a time. By the time a long research paper or assignment is completed, it becomes tedious to click through every revision to see who wrote what. This is particularly important for professors interested in seeing the contribution of each team member.

The Solution:

AuthorViz, a chrome extension that color codes who wrote what in your Google Doc through the entire history of the document rather than one revision at a time with the click of a button.

The Result:  

We secured First Place from the judges and a tour of the Google Office in Irvine, CA.